Single Bar, 10 Lines, Hi Hat, Ride Variations

First Page Preview (content page)

This high quality print PDF product contains 1 content page, followed by 16 pages of staff/stave.

On every page, there are 10 lines. Each line contains 2 separate bars. Every bar has an end repeat sign as seen in the first page preview.

Page 2 – blank bars, no time signature
Page 3 – blank bars with 4/4 time signature
Page 4 – crochet/quarter note hi-hat pattern
Page 5 – single quaver/eighth note hi-hat on the “and” count
Page 6 – quavers/eighth notes hi-hat pattern
Page 7 – quavers/eighth notes hi-hat with open hi-hat on the “and” count
Page 8 – quavers/eighth notes hi-hat pattern with accents on 1,2,3,4
Page 9 – quavers/eighth notes hi-hat pattern with accents on all “and” counts
Page 10 – semiquavers/sixteenth notes hi-hat pattern
Page 11 – 2  semiquavers/sixteenth notes and 1 quaver/eighth note hi-hat pattern
Page 12 – 1 quaver/eighth note and 2  semiquavers/sixteenth notes hi-hat pattern
Page 13 –  1  semiquaver/sixteenth note then 1 quaver/eighth note then 1  semiquavers/sixteenth note hi-hat pattern
Page 14 –  1  dotted quaver/eighth note and 1  semiquavers/sixteenth note hi-hat pattern
Page 15 –  shuffle hi-hat pattern
Page 16 –  Jazz ride pattern
Page 17 –  Jazz ride pattern with left foot hi-hat on 2 and 4

This product is suitable for musicians and drummers to write out their drum fill or drum beats for practice. Drum teachers can very quickly pen down assignments for their students to practice. Students can also make use of the different hi hat patterns and get creative with new drum beats as they write.

Our PDF is PC friendly, you can click/tap on the page numbers on the content page to jump directly to the kind of manuscript you want to print. You can then click on the very first percussion clef of the manuscript to jump back to the content page.

You can also write drum beats directly on the PDF file itself on your smartphone or devices with stylus!