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Drumistry is an online YouTube channel catering to drummers from all walks of life. We are in the midst of developing various resources to help drummers accelerate their drumming education.

We like to have free things, and more importantly, we love to give away free things. This is because some of our fans are very young, or have financial difficulties. We believe that there should not be any barriers when a person sets his mind on learning an instrument. Thus, the birth of Drumistry YouTube.

We’ve come a long way and have garnered a rather big pool of viewers, and received numerous compliments… and critiques. While we try our best, to deliver perfect note for note scores, we acknowledge that we may have fallen short in some aspects.

Producing drum score videos for YouTube on a weekly basis, requires hours of transcribing and video editing. It is you – the users of Drumistry videos and scores that keeps us going.

We’re opening up a new avenue for people to support us by purchasing our drums scores for all the songs you see transcribed on our YouTube channel. At the same time, we still want to give out the scores for free to the world. In order to show our utmost appreciation to those who contribute, we feel that it is necessary to offer relevant perks.


Free Version
☑ It’s Free
May need to wait for a few months for the free score to be released.
 Lower quality.
 Has Drumistry watermark

Paid Version
☑ Get your drum scores instantly after making payment.
☑ High quality printable PDF drum score.
☑ No Drumistry watermark.
☑ Supports the work of Drumistry

Still having troubles deciding? Head over to Drumistry YouTube and try it out with the video scores before making your decision!

Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon! 😀