Simplified Series

Here at Drumistry, we believe anyone, regardless of their drumming proficiency, should be able to love and enjoy drumming to any song they like.

Sometimes when a score is written in great detail, it can be daunting for some players (especially the newer ones). On top of struggling with certain technical aspects, the coordination and reading demands can be hard for new players to handle. We don’t want them to just move on away from the song they like and onto a different song just because of this.

Therefore, we’re introducing Simplified Series (only for some songs).

Simplified Series refers to a set of drum scores of the same exact song.
All these drum scores are simplified variants of the original score (which is more complex).
Simplified scores are indicated within square brackets containing the letter S, followed by its simplification level.
E.g. [S1], [S2], [S3], etc…

A general idea of simplified scores…
[S1] :slightly simplified, with easier coordination patterns
[S2] :slightly simplified from [S1], with lesser amount of complex parts
[S3] :simplified from [S2], less than half complex parts
[S4] :simplified from [S3], very little complex parts
[S5] :very simplified, a good minimum for drummers to play to stay true to the groove of the music
Take note that different songs have different numbers of simplified scores, and the above example does not necessarily apply to every song.
The bigger the number, the easier it is 😀


The good news is that the simplified scores all come together with the original score when you purchase them on our site! Songs that have simplified scores would be clearly indicated on our webpage.